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Tips for using Motor Thermal Protector
 Jun 14, 2022|View:502

Motor Thermal Protectoris a kind of thermostat that uses a bimetal plate as the temperature sensing element. When the electric appliance works normally, the bimetal plate is in the Free State, the contact point is in the closed/open state, and when the temperature rises to the action temperature value, the bimetal plate is in the Free State and the contact point is in the closed/open state, bimetallic elements act quickly by generating internal stress when heated, opening/closing contacts and cutting/connecting circuits, thus playing a role in thermal protection. Motor Thermal Protector is widely used in household electrical appliances and appliances, such as washing machine motors, air-conditioning fan motors, transformers, ballasts, electric heating appliances, etc. . The points for attention in the use of Motor Thermal Protector are as follows:

Motor Thermal Protector

1. When the contact temperature type installation is adopted, the product should be closely attached to the installation surface of the controlled appliance.

2. Do not collapse or deform the plastic or metal housing during installation to avoid affecting performance.

3. Metal shell products with an additional insulation jacket in the installation of the additional insulation sleeve can not be removed or broken, to avoid causing leakage, and to ensure the safety of use.

4. When using Motor Thermal Protector in a circuit with less than 5a current, the copper conductor with 0.4-0.75 mm² cross-section should be selected.

5. Motor Thermal Protector should be stored in a well-ventilated, clean, dry, non-corrosive environment with relative humidity below 90% and ambient temperature below 40℃.