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PTC thermal protection is classified according to structural characteristics
 Jun 01, 2022|View:563

PTC thermal protectionheats faster than aluminum, and long service life, and will not heat red caused by scalds, fire, and other safety hazards, thermal resistance is small, heat transfer efficiency is higher, power saving, constant temperature, so popular with a variety of electrical equipment. According to the structural characteristics, PTC thermal protection can be divided into three types:

ptc thermal protection

(1) PTC ceramic heater. The main uses are electric mosquito coil incense, hand warmer, dryer, electric heating plate, electric iron, electric glue, curling iron, and so on. The utility model has the advantages of small power, high thermal efficiency, and strong practicability.

(2) PTC thermal protection. The main uses are small crystal devices constant temperature trough, constant temperature incubators, and all kinds of insulation equipment. The utility model has the advantages of automatic heat preservation, simple structure, good constant temperature characteristic, high heat efficiency, and a wide temperature range.

(3) PTC thermal protection. Main uses a small hot-air heater, hairdryer, greenhouse, dryers, clothes dryers, and industrial drying equipment. Features are hot air output power, hot air fast and safe, and air temperature and power consumption can be automatically adjusted.

Considering the safety and reliability, PTC thermal protection is safer, has higher insulation voltage, lower leakage current, and is more stable than traditional electric heating lines. Some applications using conventional electric heating wire can not pass the safety certification while using PTC thermal protection can pass the safety certification, so PTC can be used under higher safety requirements.

PTC thermal protection heats up quickly and is easy to design. It can be used at any power with a relatively small safety hazards.