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Features and applications of 17AMT Thermal overload protector switch
 Jun 23, 2022|View:488

A.The 17AMT Thermal overload protector switch product structure features:

17AMT Thermal overload protector switch is a kind of over-current overheat protector, which is characterized by small size, quick disconnecting action, and used for accurate control (motor, transformer... etc.) of temperature limiting and current limiting protection components.

Thermal overload protector switch

B.17AMT Thermal overload protector switch working principle:

current through the bimetal plate and two contacts, when the electrical abnormal work heating high temperature to thermal protector, set OFF temperature or current are too large than the normal working current, the bimetal quickly jumps away and cuts off the circuit. When the electrical temperature cooling, to the temperature of the thermal protector return, the bimetal plate and quickly closed, and the circuit is connected. With automatic reset function.

C.17AMT Thermal overload protector switch is used in:

●Shaded Pole Motor ●Pemanent split capacitor motor ●Fluorescent lighting ballasts

●HID ballasts ●Transformer ●Recessed lighting fixtures ●Battery packs

●Vacuum cleaners ●Automotive accessory motor ●solenoids ●PC boards and so on

D.17AMT Thermal overload protector switch advantage:

●17AMT thermal protector is a miniature design, small size, and easy to install. Steel shell sealed, can be vacuum impregnated paint.

●many types of temperature specifications (temperature range 55-185°C), large contact capacity.

●sensitive to temperature, quick disconnecting action, and strict calibration and detection of each jump temperature.

●The imported bimetal sheet has a 100% rapid breakout.

●17AMT Thermal overload protector switch has the double protection function of overcurrent and overheat.

If you have any more questions about the Thermal overload protector switch, please contact us and we will be happy to answer them.