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Matters needing attention of PTC air heater for Air Heating
 May 17, 2022|View:559

PTC air heater for heating can overcome the shortcomings of electric heating wire heater, insulation withstand voltage, leakage current, insulation resistance excellent stability, no ventilation, automatic protection, will not catch fire combustion, long service life.

PTC air heater

The steady heating power of the PTC air heater is related to the wind speed. Generally speaking, the higher the wind speed, the faster the cooling rate, and the higher the heating power. If the shock power of the heater is close to the steady power at low wind speed, the power can not be increased by increasing the wind speed. The electric air heater is easy to get more power and lower cost, but it is easy to cause hidden trouble because of the radiator's electrification. It should be noted that if the PTC air heater is of poor quality, the following problems may also exist: first, the PTC ceramic body burns out, causing a short circuit and burning out the insulating layer; second, the heating power decreases with the increase of the service time, can not achieve the expected service life. Some PTC air heater manufacturers, in order to reduce production costs, use low-grade materials, the manufacturing process can not be strictly controlled, with no life test. Not all PTC air heaters manufactured by manufacturers are of good quality and should be carefully selected for control of power attenuation, power accuracy, impulse current, voltage withstand, insulation performance, reliability, etc., to ensure the reliability of quality.

PTC air heater heats up quickly, is easy to design, can be used between any power, and the security risk is relatively small. PTC air heater is a temperature-controlled and diversified company. If you want to know more about the PTC air heater, please contact us.