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PTC air heater heating power affected by what
 Apr 26, 2022|View:512

The relationship between the heating power and the heating time of the PTC air heater is quite different from that of the traditional electric heater. At the beginning of heating, the power of the PTC air heater increases from small to large, reaching a peak, then gradually decreases, and then stabilizes.

PTC air heater

The steady power depends on the type of liquid. When the liquid is water, the power is bigger, because the specific heat capacity of water is bigger, the fluidity is better, easy to form the convection, the stable power of heating other liquid is generally smaller than water. The higher the temperature of PTC air heater's dry combustion surface, the higher the stable power. However, the increase in surface temperature will lead to an increase in power attenuation, the increase of breakdown chance of PTC heater, and the degradation of performance and reliability of Viscose, wire, and insulation layer. When the surface temperature of the PTC air heater is the same as that of the liquid, the heating power is basically zero, that is to say, no more heating. Therefore, the surface temperature of the PTC air heater will always be above 20 ° C above the liquid temperature, otherwise, it can not be heated. The smaller the difference between the surface temperature of the PTC air heater and the liquid temperature, the smaller the power density, and the larger the volume, the higher the cost. The greater the impact power of the heater, the greater the stable power is not necessarily. If the impact power is too large, it will affect the normal operation of the power supply circuit and switch, but if the impact power is too small, the stable power will not meet the requirements.

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