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Characteristics of PTC water heater
 Oct 21, 2021|View:510

PTC water heater is composed of PTC ceramic heating component and corrugated aluminum strip by high temperature adhesive. This type of PTC water heater has the advantages of low thermal resistance and high heat exchange efficiency. It is an automatic constant temperature and electricity saving electric heater.

1.PTC water heater saves cost and has long life.

Do not need special temperature controller and thermal resistance thermocouple and other temperature sensors for temperature feedback can be heating control of the heater, its temperature regulation is by its own material characteristics, so that the product has a much longer service life than other heaters.

2.PTC water heater is safe and green.

The design of the heater body heating temperature is below 200 degrees Celsius, under any circumstances, the body is not red and there is a protective isolation layer, any application occasions do not need asbestos and other heat insulation materials for cooling treatment, can rest assured that there is no problem of human scalding and fire. This is the same with PTC air heaters.

high-quality PTC thermal protections

3.PTC water heater saves electric energy.

Comparison of electric heating tube and resistance wire heating products, this product is based on the characteristics of the material itself, according to the change of environmental temperature to adjust their own thermal power output, so it can optimize the energy consumption of the heater control at the minimum, while the high heat efficiency of the material also greatly improve the efficiency of the use of electricity.

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