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The principle of PTC thermal protection
 Oct 18, 2021|View:417

As a new type of thermistor material, PTC can be divided into switching and heating. PTC material has thermal sensitivity, current limiting, delay switching characteristics and no contact, no noise long service life characteristics, can be applied to refrigerator start, motor transformer protection, program control switch protection and mosquito repeater, hair curling iron, electric iron and other small household appliances products. With the stable performance of heating PTC, rapid temperature rise and little influence of power supply voltage fluctuation, all kinds of heater products have become the most ideal substitute products for metal resistance wire heating materials. At present, PTC thermal protection has been widely used in heaters, dryers, air curtain machines, air conditioners and so on.

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PTC water heater refers to automatic temperature control PTC ceramic heater, which is a special ceramic material.

The principle of PTC water heater is: When PTC water heater is energized, because resistance of room temperature is lesser, so initial current is bigger, can make PTC water heater gives off heat very quickly rise in temperature, bring about value of resistance of itself increases rapidly to enter jump change area, the current that can pass PTC water heater at this moment is very small, make surface temperature of PTC water heater maintains constant value from beginning to end, This temperature and PTC water heater Curie temperature and external voltage only concerned, and with the ambient temperature is basically irrelevant. PTC heater is a heating device designed by using thermostatic heating characteristics of PTC thermistor. In small and medium power heating occasions, PTC heating appliance has the advantages of constant temperature heating, no open fire, high heat conversion rate, little influence by electric voltage, long natural life and so on, which are incomparable to traditional heating components. The application of PTC heating appliance is more and more favored by r&d engineers.

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