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Thermal Protector for Power Tool

Thermal Protector for Power Tool,include electric tools, mixer, submersible pump, high-pressure cleaning machine, oil pump motor, large wiper motor.

Thermal Protector for Power Tool

At present, most of the electric tools on the market do not have the function of overheat and overload protection, and the electric tools are prone to overload problems, which will lead to motor burn-out, such as cutting machine, impact drill, etc. . The benefits of adding an overload protector are twofold: 1. Can effectively prevent power tools for a long time overload operation lead to reduced life or burn out motor 2. When the power tool is not used properly, the power tool will be damaged due to the sudden over-current caused by the power tool.

According to the parameters of customer drill summed up several requirements for thermal protector: 1. The internal space of the electric drill is small and the large volume does not match. 2. Power tool heads are exposed to the outside, so in order to ensure personal safety overload protector must have power off protection (manual reset) function. According to these conditions KW03 thermal protector is most suitable. The final customer chose this overload protector.

KW03 thermal protector is more sensitive to current and temperature. The jumping speed is very fast, the anti-vibration is good, the movement performance is stable and reliable.

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