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Motor Thermal Protector for Power Tool

This customer is a transformer manufacturer, in order to help customers choose the most appropriate temperature switch, we have done according to the customer environment simulation experiment: short-circuit experiment and overload experiment. In the short-circuit test, we measure the temperature change of the winding, and according to other data, we can know which part of the protective device is working, and then carry out the overload test according to this result. During the overload test, the current to the temperature switch should be increased continuously until the maximum value of the temperature switch is measured. Through these two experiments, the most suitable temperature protection parameters are obtained. It should be noted that the temperature switch operation of the winding temperature and nominal temperature switch operation temperature has a certain deviation. This is related to the reaction speed, precision and position of the temperature switch.

The self-recovery type temperature switch is often used in transformer, which can detect the temperature to turn the circuit on and off, thus playing the role of thermal protection. The movement temperature error is generally ± 5 °C, the reset temperature is generally lower than the movement temperature 20 °C, the error is about ± 10 °C.

Motor Thermal Protector for Power Tool

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