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Application of ptc air heater in New Energy Vehicle
 Jul 13, 2022|View:415

The function of the ptc air heater is to heat the air through the blower after an electric current is turned on, allowing the air to heat the air through the element. The resistance of the ptc air heater thermistor increases or decreases with the change in ambient temperature, so the ptc air heater has the characteristics of energy-saving, constant temperature, safety, and long service life.

ptc air heater

PTC thermistors have the advantages of constant temperature heating, long natural life, energy saving, no open flame, good safety performance, and easy control of heat output, mainly applicable to new energy electric vehicles air-conditioning clothes dryers, dehumidifiers, water purifiers, etc. . New Energy vehicles can not be separated from the original ptc air heater, in part because of the demand for air-conditioning heating. On the other hand, is the battery thermostatic circuit. Traditional car heating is very simple, directly using the heat of the engine can be. But new energy vehicles do not have engine heat to use, can not always drive in winter wearing leather clothing, and glass must be defrosted. Some car manufacturers use heat pump air conditioning, but in the winter efficiency is not high, but can not be as true as PTC, direct use. In addition to heating, PTC is used to heat batteries. At low temperatures, not only does the discharge capacity of the battery decrease but also the charging efficiency is very low, even unable to charge. Therefore, a ptc air heater can be used to preheat the battery before charging at low temperatures in winter.

The ptc air heater heats up quickly and is easily designed to operate at any power level with relatively small safety risks. If you want to know more, please contact us.