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The difference between Thermal Protector for sale and current overload Protector
 Jun 29, 2022|View:151

The difference between Thermal Protector for saleand current overload ProtectorOverheat protection, refers to the temperature above a threshold when the start of the corresponding protection function. The heat generated by energy conversion or friction in the operation of electronic equipment or machinery can lead to abnormal operation or failure.

Thermal Protector for sale

In general, a thermally sensitive electronic component is used to construct an overheat protection circuit. When the thermally sensitive element detects that the temperature of the main circuit equipment has risen to a certain value, the low-melting metal inside the device will deform, after a period of cooling down, the thermal sensor detects that the temperature of the main circuit equipment has decreased, and the low melting point metal in the main circuit equipment has returned to its original shape, then the main circuit is connected and the main circuit equipment can work normally.

There are three ways of overheating protection, cutting off the operation of equipment, reducing the performance of equipment, or improving ventilation and heat dissipation conditions.

The difference between Thermal Protector for sale and current overload Protector:

A.Different attributes

A Thermal Protector for sale is a combination of two different alloys that will heat up after passing an electric current. Due to the difference in the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of the two alloys, the alloy will bend in one direction and the contact will leave and the power will be cut off. The bending speed is proportional to the current passing through it. This protects the electrical equipment.

Current overload protector: it can protect the electric system, squirrel cage motor, winding motor from over-current, short-circuit, lack of phase, phase imbalance, misbalance, and start-up process (avoid start-up over-current).

B.the principle is different

Thermal Protector for sale is a type of thermostat that uses a bimetal plate as a temperature sensor. When the temperature drops to the set temperature, the contact automatically closes/disconnects and returns to normal working conditions.

Current overload protector: the current transformer samples the signal so that the load current of each phase is converted into a voltage signal proportional to it, and the signal and all control signals are input into the microprocessor, the microprocessor continuously collects, computes, and stores various signals, compares them with the corresponding conditions, and outputs the results.

C.the effects are different

Thermal Protector for sale: for household electrical appliances and appliances, such as washing machine motors, air-conditioning fan motors, transformers, ballasts, electrical appliances, etc...

Current overload protector: widely used in machinery, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, textile industry, three-phase motor, and other electrical protection and monitoring.

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