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The function of PTC air heater in air conditioning structure
 Apr 12, 2022|View:544

PTC air heater has a small thermal resistance and high heating efficiency. It is made of heating elements and aluminum tubes. PTC air heaters are automatically thermostatic, and more energy-saving, compared to other electric heating tube heaters are safer, it is not easy to cause burns or fire.

PTC air heater

PTC air heateris used in air conditioning is the use of the characteristics of constant temperature heating, can make PTC air heater thermistor surface can be kept at a constant value, will not be affected by external temperature. PTC air heater can use the constant temperature heating characteristic of the PTC thermistor to design the heating element. For the medium power heating occasion of air conditioning, the PTC air heater does not need an open flame, the heat conversion rate is also very high, and is not easily affected by the power supply voltage, and it has a long service life. PTC air heater can also be made in several shapes and different specifications, suitable for a variety of different air conditioning structural designs, common shapes are round, rectangular, honeycomb porous, etc., so also very popular electric heating appliances engineering r & D Room Welcome. PTC air heater has high insulation voltage, which overcomes the disadvantages of electric heater, does not catch fire, is stable and reliable, and can save cost.

PTC air heater heats up quickly, is easy to design, can be used between any power, and the security risk is relatively small. We specialize in providing you with high-quality PTC air heaters and related accessories. We support a global fast delivery service for your order. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.