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What other applications are there besides sensors in home appliances?
 Nov 15, 2021|View:353

Sensors are widely used in modern household appliances. Sensors in the electronic oven, automatic electric rice cooker, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, electric water heater, air heaters, air drying device, alarm, electric fan, game consoles, washing machine, dishwasher, camera, refrigerators, color TV, VCR, tape recorder, radio, the record player and home theatre, etc has been widely used, in addition, The application of phone temperature sensor is also becoming more and more widespread.

application of phone temperature sensor

So in addition to the sensors used in home appliances, sensor in the automobile application and fuel graulism and other related parameters measurement. Sensors are not only limited to driving speed, driving distance, engine rotation speed to due to the increasing number of automobile traffic accidents and automobile harm to the environment, in some new facilities. Such as automobile airbag system, anti-theft device, anti-slip control system, anti-lock device, electronic variable speed control device, exhaust circulation device, electronic fuel injection device and automobile "black box" have been applied in practice. It can be predicted that with the development of automotive electrical technology and automotive safety technology, sensors will be more widely used in the automotive field.

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