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What happens if the switch power supply of thermal overload protector switch exceeds?
 Nov 11, 2021|View:341

Overload means that the load is too large, which exceeds the rated load of the equipment itself. The phenomenon is that the current is too large and the electric equipment heats up. Long-term thermal overload protector switch will reduce the insulation level of circuit and even burn equipment or circuit; Can cause use hidden danger, light burn fuse, heavy make circuit burn, cause fire.

thermal overload protector switch

Overload refers to the operation state of the motor thermal protector whose operating current exceeds its rated current but is less than 1.5 times rated current, which is within the range of overcurrent operation state. If the motor is overloaded for a long time, its winding temperature rise will exceed the allowable value and insulation aging or damage. Overload protection requires that the motor is not affected by short-term overload impact current or short circuit current and instantaneous action, usually using thermal relay as overload protection element.

When the overheat relay of the rated current is more than 6 times, it takes 5s to operate. The heating element of the thermal relay may be burned out before the operation of the thermal relay. Therefore, when the thermal relay is used for overload protection, it must be equipped with thermal motor protection devices such as fuses or low-voltage circuit breakers. If the power supply with overcurrent protection, generally after overcurrent voltage drop or repeated start, will not burn.

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