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What are the specific applications of PTC heaters
 Jul 26, 2023|View:422

PTC heater is a special type of electric heating device, which differs from general resistance. The resistance value of PTC heater increases significantly with the increase of temperature. So what are the specific applications of this PTC heater? Below is a specific introduction to this issue!

PTC heaters are a special type of electric heating device with many practical applications. The resistance value of PTC heaters significantly increases with the increase of temperature, which makes them very useful in some specific applications. The following are some specific applications of PTC heaters:

Heater: The most common use of PTC heaters is as heating devices. When powered on through the PTC heater, due to the increase in resistance with temperature, the initial current is high and the heating is fast. However, as the temperature increases, the current gradually decreases, avoiding the problem of overheating. This makes PTC heaters widely used in household and industrial heating equipment such as coffee pots, water heaters, Heat gun, Fan heater, etc.

PTC heater

Thermostat: As the resistance of PTC heaters varies with temperature, they can also be used to manufacture thermostatic devices. In the device, when the temperature of the PTC heater rises to a certain set point, its resistance increases sharply, limiting further heating and keeping the device at a constant temperature. This type of thermostat plays an important role in electrical appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and ovens.

Automation system: PTC heaters can also be used as temperature sensors in automation systems. When the PTC heater is connected to a temperature sensitive element, temperature changes can cause changes in resistance, thereby detecting and controlling temperature changes. This is very useful in automatic constant temperature control systems and temperature compensation applications.

Thermistor: PTC heaters are also used as thermistors. In electronic circuits, PTC heaters can be used for overcurrent protection. When the current exceeds the rated value, the PTC heater will heat up, causing a sharp increase in its resistance, thereby limiting the current and protecting the circuit and equipment from damage.

Cars and electric tools: PTC heaters are widely used in the cooling system of cars to prevent engine coolant from freezing in low-temperature environments. In addition, in electric tools, PTC heaters can be used to prevent the battery from overheating during charging.

Medical devices: PTC heaters also have some applications in medical devices, such as in hyperthermia for heating treatment.

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