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Working principle of motor thermal protector
 Jul 26, 2021|View:662

Motor thermal protection is the control of the protection of electrical components, its working principle is to use the thermal effect of current to promote the action mechanism, so that the control circuit of the AC contactor coil loss of power and broken, so as to cut off the series in the main circuit of the circuit power supply. It is mainly used for overload protection of motors. Some thermal relays also have the functions of phase break protection and current imbalance protection.

Mainly used for motor overload protection, some motor thermal protection also has phase break protection, current imbalance protection function. There are two thermal components, which are the main part of the thermal protection of the motor. They are composed of a bimetallic sheet and a resistance wire around the bimetallic sheet. Bimetallic plates are welded by two metal plates with different expansion coefficients. In normal operation, the three groups of resistance wires are directly connected in series on the three-phase circuit of the motor load. The normally closed contact is connected to the contactor coil branch of the motor control circuit.

motor thermal protection

When motor coil winding overcurrent caused by overload, and after a certain period of time, the heat generated by the heating element is enough to make the bimetallic strip to bend, insulation plate and push them to the right distance, guide and promote temperature compensator and leverage, divide the dynamic contact and the static contact, so that the motor power ac contactor release in a circuit, three-phase mains removed, It can protect the motor from burning out due to the high temperature generated by the overload current. After the power is cut off, the thermal protection of the motor begins to cool down, and after a period of time, the bimetal strip recovers to the initial state and restores, so the contact automatically resets under the action of the spring.

This motor thermal protection can also be manually reset. At this time, as long as the screw is removed to a certain position, so that the rotation of the contact exceeds a certain Angle, in this case, even if the bimetallic plate is cooled, the contact cannot be automatically reset, and manual force must be adopted, that is, pressing the reset button to move the contact. This is necessary to prevent the motor from starting again if the fault is not removed.

motor thermal protection

The reasonable selection and correct use of motor thermal protection directly affect the safe operation of electrical equipment, so the following problems should be emphasized during installation

(1) When installing wiring of the motor thermal protection, the dirt on the contact surface should be removed to avoid the circuit obstruction or excessive contact resistance affecting the working characteristics of the motor thermal protection.

(2) The connection wire of the main loop of the motor thermal protection should not be too thin to avoid the heating of the connection terminal and the wire affecting the normal work of the motor thermal protection.

(3) The motor thermal protection is installed with other electrical appliances, and should be installed under the output of other electrical appliances to avoid the influence of other action characteristics by the heat of other electrical appliances.