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Introduce to Motor Thermal Protector
 Jul 12, 2021|View:727

Working principle of motor thermal protector

The motor thermal protectors are a kind of bimetallic strip was used as thermal component of the thermostat, electric equipment to work normally, the bimetallic strip in free state, the contact is in closing/opening state, when the temperature rises to action temperature, bimetallic element is heated to produce internal stress and fast action, open/close contact, cut/processing circuit, which have thermal protection effect. When the gradient drops to the reset temperature, the contact automatically closes/disconnects and returns to normal working state.

Motor thermal protector

Motor thermal protector product advantages

(1)The volume is small, easy to install

(2)The quick action type bimetallic sheet, the reaction speed is fast

(3)The service life is as high as 10000 times

(4) Anti-vacuum immersion process

⑸ can replace SenSata 17AM 7AM, SEK ST-22 and other foreign products

Notes for motor thermal protector

(1) When using contact temperature sensing installation, the product should be attached to the installation surface of the controlled appliance.

(2)The installation can not be plastic or metal shell collapse or deformation, so as not to affect the performance.

(3) metal shell products insulation coat in the installation can not be removed from the external insulation sleeve or crushed, to avoid causing leakage, to ensure the use of safety.

(4) The product is not more than 5A current in the circuit, should choose the copper core cross section of 0.4-0.75mm 2 wire connected with it.

⑸ The product should be stored in a place where the relative humidity is less than 90% and the ambient temperature is below 40℃, which is ventilated, clean, dry and non-corrosive gas.