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The 21st China International Motor Exhibition in 2021
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Enterprise Strength Display

Changzhou Ainuo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2000, located in the Yangtze River Delta beautiful Changzhou. The company covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters, construction area of 13,000 square meters, planning to build a new plant of 10,000 square meters, more than 500 employees, including 65 professional and technical personnel.

Since 2000, our company has been specializing in the development, production and sales of temperature control: KW series, 17AM series, 3MP series, 6AP series, MW, MC, ML series; Heating: PTC heater series, ceramic heater, mica heater series; Sensor: NTC temperature sensor series; Personal care categories: ultrasonic beauty, semiconductor refrigeration piece, sterilizer O ₃ generator and control products, such as changes in temperature in household appliances, transportation tools, electrical equipment, industrial equipment, sports health care equipment, personal care products, smart home, lighting and other fields, in aino company dedicated to provide excellent solutions for related electronic products.


未标题-1.pngR & D management -- professional customization, innovation

While adhering to lean production management, Ainuo Electronics is also constantly strengthening the company's knowledge and technical reserves. Our research and development team is committed to mold process design, automatic programming and manufacturing, and the corresponding computer software development, and constantly in-depth understanding of product design cycle and start execution. We independently enrich and improve the company's research and development strength, take competitive, high technical design adaptability as the basic components of our customized solutions for customers, with the support of a high-level research and development team, through innovative technology, to provide customers with quality products and services, and win-win with customers.


未标题-1.pngProduction management -- intelligent equipment, perfect technology

AINO Electronics is well aware that "science and technology is the first productive force", constantly stimulate their own scientific and technological breakthrough potential and hematopoietic function, and constantly expand the formation of a sophisticated technical team, the introduction of a number of international advanced intelligent production equipment, including: Bimetallic strip automatic molding machine, automatic welding machine, automatic image sorter, automatic machine, automatic oven equipment, automatic calibration machine, automatic performance detector, automatic wire temperature separation device, automatic riveting machine, automatic dispensing machine, etc., has now developed into a large-scale intelligent standard manufacturing enterprises, and was identified as changzhou national hi-tech zone engineering technology research center.










In the face of the rapidly changing market conditions and increasing customer demand changes, Ainuo Electronics timely and quickly adjust production. At present, the company has planned to build a second phase of dust-free and environment-friendly production workshop of 10,000 square meters, establish and improve the environmental protection responsibility system, and strictly implement the "6S management" system. In terms of raw materials, import, full inspection of key raw materials and production of core components are selected. Keep up with the advanced science and technology at home and abroad, and prepare the operation instructions by experienced engineers, and train the operators to carry out; Combined with the needs of related industries, constantly develop new and high technology and new practical products, and determine the product development ideas of high efficiency, energy saving, safety, practical, environmental protection, to take the road of sustainable development.

未标题-1.pngQuality management -- total quality, continuous improvement

Ainuo Electronics Company based on ISO9001:2015 & IATF16949:2016 operation of the modern quality management system MQM consists of three systems: The whole system, process assurance system, inspection system, a total of 28 project composition, comprehensive and detailed from the factory to implement effective quality management and improve the various departments to establish the relevant quality management projects, master the production line quality process control methods, the introduction of sample approval system and supplier management system, Make use of 4M change management to strengthen product quality assurance.

Pay attention to the service quality from the customer's perspective, sort out the service process with the service process as the core, and grasp the key links of the service quality. The changes of human, machine, material, environment, method and measurement are all under effective control. The comprehensive use of all kinds of QC techniques and mathematical statistical methods to monitor, predict the quality tendency, and then adjust. Each department has set up a different scale of QC groups, deep dig hidden problems, and constantly improve, constantly improve the quality of Ainuo electronics products.





未标题-1.pngTeam management -- efficient collaboration, unity of purpose

Ainuo people in every detail of production reveal the originality and persistence of zero defect products, year-long accumulation of high-quality outstanding staff has become the cornerstone of Ainuo electronics development and Ainuo electronics to face the market competition powerful magic weapon. The medal of craftsmanship of "Made in China" is decorated with the unforgettable "self-revolution".

The blueprint is inspiring. The goal is inspiring. With the comprehensive formation of long-term and stable cooperation layout in China's four major economic circles, Ainuo Electronics has set up sales centers in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Chongqing and other regions to fully support and serve local customers. In the future, Ainuo Electronics will deploy and implement the comprehensive investment work, and is committed to constantly expanding the domestic market, activating the overseas market, promoting strategic cooperative relations, and achieving multi-party consultation and win-win.

In order to meet customer requirements, Ainuo Electronics establishes the relationship with the market through a variety of channels, realizes the integration and unified management of multi-channel sales and service, and runs a complete set of CRM theory and technical realization means. CRM systems can effectively centralize customer information from various channels into a database. Share the same customer data between different departments in the company database, occurred in the various contact of the customer, either when he demanded a company profile, or whether he ever buy products are put on record, each dealing with a customer department handlers can easily query to the data, let the customer get the overall care.


未标题-1.pngCustomer management -- focus on efficiency, win-win cooperation

At present, the layout of long-term and stable cooperation in China's four major economic circles has been fully formed. Ainuo Electronics Deploys to implement comprehensive investment work, and is committed to constantly expanding the domestic market, activating the overseas market, promoting strategic cooperative relations, so as to achieve multi-party consultation and win-win results.

As science and technology technology enterprise, we advance with concept, drive, global ideals, mind the world, look to the global courage and boldness of vision, from the perspective of customer focus on service quality, service process as the core service process, grasp the key link in the process of service quality, in order to solve the problem as the core of customer service skills, Constantly improve the service execution of enterprises and service personnel, win more customers with innovative services, and achieve the goal of win-win cooperation in the process of serving customers.

In aino electronics in the marketing management to implement the strategy of "customer satisfaction", through to the enterprise product, service, brand continuously conduct regular quantitative evaluation and improvement, in order to service quality optimization, to maximize customer satisfaction, to achieve customer loyalty and to develop customer resources, both to strengthen the enterprise's ability to resist the market risk, is an important means of management innovation, At the same time, it is also an important guarantee for the sustainable and stable efficiency of enterprises.

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Product display

未标题-1.pngMotor thermal protector series

· Small size

· 100% pass temperature calibration and inspection

· Jump metal sheet to ensure reliable on-off action

· Maintain stability of temperature performance throughout the service life

· The liner and shell are suitable for a variety of paint immersion processes

· High current and temperature sensitivity to achieve design flexibility

· Rich selection of leads and insulating bushing can be visually identified

· Identical or opposite end mode

· Cadmium-free contacts can be selected according to customer requirements


未标题-1.pngTemperature current dual protection series

· Current overload protection: it can not only provide the normal operation of the equipment, but also accurately control the over-heat and over-current tripping time. When the motor and transformer are in the current is too large or the blocking current exceeds the set tripping value of the thermal protector, the protector can instantly cut off the circuit, so that the electrical appliances are protected.

· Temperature overload protection: when the surrounding temperature is too high due to the overload of electrical failure, blocking and other abnormal normal operation, the protector will be disconnected quickly, so that the electrical circuit is protected.


未标题-1.pngExternal protector series

· With jump metal sheet as the basic working element, it is very sensitive to temperature and current.

· Accurate Calibration -- Temperature is calibrated and checked under controlled conditions to ensure reliable performance.

· Manual reset, automatic reset protector

· Small size and easy to install


未标题-1.pngTemperature Sensor Series

· High precision thermistor, accurate measurement, and low price

· High accuracy, up to ±0.1℃

· High accuracy of resistance and B value

· Small volume and quick reaction

· High reliability

· Able to work steadily for a long time

· Cost-effective and customer-oriented design


未标题-1.pngPTC series

· Without additional temperature control device, constant temperature and heating can be achieved automatically

· Rapid temperature rise

· Long durability, no oxidation, long service life

· The higher the temperature, the higher the power efficiency

· High insulation strength, safe and reliable

· Power stability


未标题-1.pngFuse series

· Temperature fuse is a single-use safety protection component. When the temperature of the equipment rises abnormally, the ambient temperature felt by the product rises to the set value of the operating temperature, and the internal temperature sensitive alloy metal wire begins to melt. Under the action of special resin, the rapid separation is spherical contraction, thus cutting off the circuit.

· Temperature has the characteristics of small volume, sensitive temperature sensing, high precision of action, safe and stable.


未标题-1.pngWire series

· UL electrical wiring

· VDE electrical wiring

· CCC electrical wiring

· Car wiring


Previous motor exhibition style display


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