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What is the function of thermal motor protection?
 Dec 13, 2022|View:326

When you see the keyword: thermal motor protection in the description of the motor, it means that the motor has a device called thermal motor protection, also known as a temperature control switch. It is there to prevent the motor from overheating due to a fault, which can cause unnecessary danger.

thermal motor protection

What is the function of thermal motor protection?

Thermal motor protection usually occurs when the motor is overloaded, when the bearings are stuck, when the motor shaft is locked and cannot be turned, when the motor is blocked or when the motor does not start properly. Failure to start may be caused by a faulty starting winding in the motor.

thermal motor protection, consisting of one or more thermal elements built into the motor or electric compressor and an external control device. The thermal protection is activated when excessive heat is generated in the motor circuit and can instantaneously cut off the motor circuit. This feature stops the temperature from climbing before it can burn out the motor.

Once the motor has cooled to a safe operating temperature, the thermal motor protection automatically resets. In the past, many manufacturers used thermal motor protection with a reset button, but nowadays, technology has improved so that thermal motor protection with automatic reset is available, which reduces labor costs considerably.

It is not convenient to have a motor shut down because the thermal limiter has been tripped, but this is certainly better than having to replace the motor because of overheating. A shutdown can alert you to problems with the motor or connected equipment or motor load. When a motor fails to start or overheats during operation, it may indicate that the motor has reached the end of its service life and must be replaced. But usually, the fault does not lie with the motor at all. For example, there may be an obstruction in the load connected to the motor, which causes the load to be too large and thus causes heat to build up in the motor.

The above is the introduction and role of thermal motor protection, hope it can help you better understand our products, if you have other questions or needs on this, you can contact us directly.