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Use the Motor Thermal Protector method
 Aug 24, 2022|View:427

Use the Motor Thermal ProtectormethodMotor Thermal Protector, Motor Thermal Protector is a kind of protection device based on the expansion coefficient of bimetal. When the temperature changes, the bimetal deforms and the control circuit turns on and off. People make use of the characteristic of Motor Thermal Protector to protect Motor qualitatively.

Motor Thermal Protector

The common method of Motor Thermal Protector is to embed Motor Thermal Protector in the stator windings of the Motor. Under normal conditions, the Motor Thermal Protector state does not change and does not affect the normal operation of the Motor. When the Motor winding overheats, the Motor Thermal Protector can feel the high temperature and the temperature reaches the action temperature set by the Motor Thermal Protector. The advantage of this protection method is that it can directly monitor the temperature change inside the windings and protect the Motor before the superheat temperature exceeds the insulation level of the Motor, when the temperature is low, the normal conduction state is restored.

The mechanical Motor Thermal Protector is not only recoverable but also can be reset manually and automatically for different application scenarios. Small size Motor Thermal Protector is the best choice when considering cost savings.