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The ptc air heater has advantages over conventional heaters
 Aug 11, 2022|View:409

ptc air heater is also called PTC heater, which is composed of PTC ceramic heating element and aluminum tube. It has the advantages of low thermal resistance and high heat transfer efficiency.

ptc air heater

Considering the safety and reliability, the ptc air heater is safer, has higher insulation voltage, less leakage current, and is more stable than the traditional electric heating line. In some applications, traditional electric heating wires can not be certified for safety, while ptc air heater can be certified for safety, so PTC can be used under higher safety requirements. However, not all ptc air heater manufacturers can meet the safety requirements, so choose the quality of ptc air heater manufacturers' supply. ptc air heater used in solid heating, there are mainly safety and reliability problems: first, PTC ceramic body burned out, causing a short circuit, burning out the insulation layer; insulation layer breakdown leakage, so that the shell live.

Considering the cost, the thermostatic heating area is small, the use of a ptc air heater can save temperature control and over-temperature protection, PTC is small in size, and installation is relatively simple. For constant temperature heating with a large heating area, the temperature is more uniform when using a ptc air heater. The service life of the ptc air heater is several times that of a conventional electric heater. Using a ptc air heater can also save life and maintenance costs.

The ptc air heater heats up quickly and is easily designed to operate at any power level with relatively small safety risks. Our company to the temperature control-based diversified development, for the temperature sensor, is interested to know more friends, welcome to consult.