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The functional characteristics of thermal motor protector
 Feb 22, 2022|View:224

Thermal motor protector is a combination of two different alloys together, through the current will heat, because two different alloy thermal expansion coefficient is different, the alloy is bound to bend in a direction, electric shock away. The speed of bending is proportional to the amount of current passing through. This protects the electrical equipment.

Function and characteristics of thermal protector: thermal fuse is a kind of element that provides very reliable protection under the condition of thermal overload protector switch. It has small volume, large over current, no position, stable performance, easy installation, and has a certain range of humidity Settings and load capacity to choose from, so as to meet the application requirements of customers. Application: high temperature fuse is an element that provides very reliable protection against over temperature conditions.

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Thermal protector is widely used in household appliances, industrial equipment and health care products. It plays a role of after heating protection. When the temperature controller fails and other over-temperature overheating, the thermal fuse cuts off the circuit to protect the circuit from harmful overheating damage.

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