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Other applications for phone temperature sensor
 Dec 21, 2021|View:713

We all know that sensors have phone temperature sensor, car sensors and so on, but with the development of intelligence, the application of sensors has been gradually applied to the work of robots. Some high speed, high precision work, undertaken by the robot is also very suitable. But most of these people are used for processing, assembly, inspection and other work, chip in the production of automatic mechanical single robot. In these robots, only sensors are used to detect the position and Angle of the arm.

phone temperature sensor in China

Moreover along with the development of medical electronics, sensor is no longer confined to the sensors used in home appliances, it is widely applied to the medical industry, medical sensors to the human body surface and internal temperature, blood pressure and cavity pressure and flow of blood and breath, tumor and blood analysis, pulse affected heart sounds, heart problem bowl of diagnosis such as brain waves. Obviously, sensors play a very important role in promoting the high development of medical technology.

In order to improve the level of health and waste of the whole nation, the reform of China's medical system will expand the target of medical services to the whole nation. The former medical work is only limited to the treatment of disease as the center, in the future, medical work will play a role in the early diagnosis of disease, early treatment, long-distance diagnosis and artificial organ development and other wide range, and sensors in these aspects will be more and more applications.

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