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What are the applications of thermal motor protection in chemical industry?
 Nov 01, 2021|View:298

The first move, thermal motor protection can be adjusted equipment undervoltage protection. Extend the undervoltage protection time of the important high-voltage motor to set the value, so that the high-voltage motor as far as possible "avoid" the long time shaking electricity, from the original shaking electricity shutdown to shaking electricity basic non-stop, shielding undervoltage protection for the low-voltage distribution room of the whole company's incoming circuit breaker, to prevent undervoltage caused by large area of power failure.

usage of thermal motor protection

The second move is to transform the self-preservation operation column. The important low-voltage motor adopts self-holding operation column to control the AC contactor to refuse under-voltage trip, so that the important low-voltage motor can "carry" the shaking process, and the important motor can start directly after the shaking, reducing the influence of the shaking on the device.

Third, the anti-sway function of frequency conversion setting is omni-directional penetration. Set speed tracking restart function and fault automatic reset function, thermal protection can automatically clear false alarm information after short-term discontinuous electrical recovery, realize restart, greatly reduce the scope of the accident.

Fourth, through the accident drill to improve the ability to deal with accidents. The team holds two accident rehearsals every month on average, so that employees have a more profound and rational understanding of the characteristics and hazards of various accidents, as well as the handling methods and steps after failure, which provides a reliable guarantee for the resumption of production.

Fifth, the important equipment adopts the electrical components with anti-shaking electric function.

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