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How much does refrigerator electronic thermostat controller cost?
 Oct 28, 2021|View:292

To understand the price of electronic thermostat controller, first of all, it is necessary to know that not all controllers are suitable for refrigerators, secondly, the price of different brands of electronic temperature controllers also come and go, next, we will understand the price of refrigerator electronic temperature controller.

Refrigerator thermostat controller with time delay and the function of the temperature control, the time delay is to protect the refrigerator under the condition of sudden power off suddenly calls, have the effect of buffer, delay can let motor doesn't suddenly stop working and refrigeration equipment, temperature control is the refrigerator temperature control, this is an external thing, the price is about 10 to 30, the brand and where to buy, shopping malls must be expensive, Regular electronic markets are cheap.

price of electronic thermostat controller

If we want to use fuzzy control, he is talking about thermostat controller, but according to his connection method is not reliable, because he is adding a tail on the basis of fuzzy control, it does not play the role of precise control. Precise control requires consideration of internal probe distribution and control of the compressor. The best thing on the market now is the Italian controller, the cost is about 400, we generally use only 6 yuan, so this is useless to the refrigerator.

Mechanical industrial thermostat controller general electronic market refrigeration components are sold in stores, about 25 yuan or so. Refrigerator temperature control range to see the length of the sensor, that is, the length of the capillary, generally in about 500mm, refrigerator temperature controller in the manufacturing enterprise store or after-sales service for sale.

So before choosing the electronic thermostat controller, we must know what kind of electronic temperature controller is more suitable for the refrigerator, not just look at the price.

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