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Selection of motor thermal protector
 Sep 27, 2021|View:583

Motor thermal protectors can be divided into two categories: temperature type and overcurrent type according to whether the sensing double plate is overloaded current. Temperature sensing double plate but flow is temperature type thermal protector, temperature sensing double plate over flow is over flow type thermal protector. Temperature type thermal protector, thermal protector internal current heat effect is small, thermal protector is mainly affected by the environmental temperature, selection, mainly according to the environmental temperature requirements to determine the action temperature of the thermal protector.


As for the thermal motor protection, due to the double overload current sensing temperature, the current and heat effect inside the thermal protector play a significant role. The influence of the thermal protector is the superposition of the environmental temperature and the internal current and heat effect. When selecting the thermal protector, it is necessary to determine the action temperature of the thermal protector according to internal and external factors. Motor thermal protectors can reduce or enhance the influence of current thermal effect by selecting low resistance type or high resistance type temperature sensing double plate.

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