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Working principle of thermostat controller and related matters needing attention
 Aug 19, 2021|View:622

The low temperature constant temperature tank adjusts the heater automatically through the electronic relay. When the temperature of the system is lower than the set value due to the external diffusion of heat in the low temperature constant temperature tank, the thermostat forces the heater to work, and automatically stops heating when the system reaches the set temperature again. Use a blender to even out the heat. The thermostat of the low temperature constant temperature tank reflects the value of the thermostat controller part while controlling the temperature.

temperature controller offers accurate temperature measurement and control

A method by which a system can be maintained at a constant temperature above room temperature:

(1) Static ideal insulation between the system and the environment

(2) Dynamic approximate adiabatic between the system and the environment; While the system will continuously and steadily dissipate heat to the environment, the environment will continuously and steadily transfer almost the same amount of heat to the system through another means

(3) The relay-type thermostat controller introduced in the experiment book

What should I pay attention to when using beckman temperature timing?

(1) Do not rotate at will, Beckman thermostat controller is a more valuable instrument, when using bold and careful, take gently, when necessary to hold the middle.

(2) when adjusting, pay attention to prevent gathering cold gathering heat, lest the thermometer burst.

(3) The thermometer should be vertical, otherwise the capillary is easy to break.

(4) adjust the thermometer, must be placed on the thermometer rack, do not make the mercury column in the capillary and the mercury in the tank, otherwise, must be adjusted.

The above is the working principle of the thermostat controller and matters needing attention. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.