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How to repair a burnt high temperature fuse in a rice cooker?
 Aug 12, 2021|View:803

If thehigh temperature fuse of the rice cooker is burned out, it is recommended to buy a new one in the electronic materials market or home appliance repair shop, which is generally 185° and 10A.

high temperature fuse

In addition to the self-maintenance method, it is recommended that people with this basis refer to:

First, to replace the high temperature fuse, first to open the base of the rice cooker, this different model may be a little different, look at the Internet said the base can be pried open, but hard pry will be bad, it is recommended to regular repair. Under the heating/insulation button, it is more convenient to pry from this. If you pry a little, you will find that there is a groove in the base part here, which is estimated to be designed for the convenience of opening the base; In addition, there are screws in another place, which need to be unscrewed to open the base. It is near the power supply and covered by a sticker with the type, rated voltage, and waiting for information of the pot. When the sticker is removed, you can see the screws.

Two, replace the high temperature fuse. The location of the hot fuse, the wire that comes out of the power supply, the wire that is held in place by a piece of iron, as shown in the orange circle above. Just replace the device with a new one. Power it up and the lights are on!Three, screw the screws that should be screwed, the base installed will be done.