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Introduction of thermal overload protector switch for COVID-19 nucleic acid detector
 Aug 09, 2021|View:603

In May 2021, Ainuo began a collaboration with a portable nucleic acid tester company to develop a thermal overload protector switch for the COVID-19 test device. This is the second new product for treating novel CORONAVIRUS after our company developed a temperature control switch for treating COVID-19 ventilator last year. The successful application of this project gives Ainuo the opportunity to make a small contribution to the global fight against COVID-19.

The isothermal nucleic acid detector integrates three steps of sample preparation, amplification, and detection into an independent reagent card, and realizes automatic amplification and detection of nucleic acid molecules by means of isothermal amplification and a self-developed semiconductor chip. Most of the reagents needed for the experiment are pre-loaded in reagent cards through freeze-dried treatment, which greatly reduces the potential human error in sample premixing and operation. It is equivalent to providing a brand new PCR laboratory for each sample, and controlling the possible cross-contamination and pathogen transmission risk in reagent cards. Thethermal overload protector switch of Ainuo can be widely used for rapid nucleic acid screening in hospitals, primary medical institutions, and public places.

overload protector switch

ounting testing equipment, how to make the sample reagent card in the constant temperature testing environment is very important, which is related to the accuracy of the test results. At the same time in order to prevent the thermostat abnormal, the use of overheating protector is also very critical. Our thermal overload protector switch provides consistent accuracy, sensitivity, and reliability, which will play an important role in full control and protector.

We are looking forward to the successful mass production of this nucleic acid detection device with Ainuo's thermaloverload protector switch and its contribution to the future response to a possible fourth outbreak rebound.