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Application fields and matters needing attention of motor thermal protector
 Aug 05, 2021|View:551

Problems to be paid attention to in the use of motor thermal protector:

1,Motor thermal protectoronly in the rated voltage, the current, and specified temperature under the condition of use, to ensure that the basic parameters of the motor protector meet the design requirements.

2. When the leader of the motor thermal protector is bent, it should be bent from more than 10 mm away from the root of the protector, and it can not be forcibly pulled, twisted, and led.

3, Motor thermal protector model print literally for the non-temperature sensitive surface. During assembly, the temperature-sensitive surface should be attached to the heating surface of the protected device for temperature sensing.

 Motor thermal protector

4. The metal shell of the motor thermal protector is electrically charged, so it needs to be insulated during installation. When using our products with insulation jackets, it is strictly prohibited to Pierce the insulation jackets with sharp or sharp metal to prevent insulation failure.

5, Plastic assembly, the maximum allowable static pressure of the product is 50Kg.

6. When the vacuum dipping process is used in motor production, thermal protectors that meet the requirements of vacuum dipping need to be selected.

7. When the bimetal movable motor thermal protector is installed on the motor, it will produce low-frequency vibration noise under certain conditions. For example, the motor is used on the occasion of sensitivity to noise, and the use environment needs to be confirmed.

Main application fields of motor thermal protector:

1, Household appliances motor: cover pole motor, series motor, capacitor motor (used for juicer, mixer, range hood, air conditioning motor, AC temperature control, DC not)

2, Tubular motor (for automatic curtain, projector, shutter, automatic shutter, etc.)

3, Special motor (supermarket conveyor belt motor)