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What is the function of the temperature sensor?
 Jun 28, 2021|View:699

The temperature sensor is a relatively new concept for us, but don't despise it, because most of the time, the temperature often on temperature sensor starts to work, so understand the temperature sensor is very necessary, then what's the temperature sensor for? What kinds of temperature sensors are there? When the outer barrel with water, because of the outer barrel and temperature joint in sealed condition, the rise of water level is gradually increasing the pressure in the airway, tracheal pressure through the temperature of the gas in the mouth to film in a switch to produce thrust, when the strength reaches set is connected to the thin film thimble promote contact deformation belt, make contact and thus to achieve the water level control function. That is, under the action of air pressure, the shrapnel contact sends a signal to the computer board and enters the washing state.

At this point, the temperature task is completed. If the water level drops in the washing process, the shrapnel is disconnected, and the signal is sent to the computer board to fill water to the set water level.If the airtightness is not good, it will cause the deviation between the pressure in the trachea and the actual requirements (small), leading to the high actual water level.

temperature sensor

When the user chooses the highest water level because the injected water is too high, the overflow of water from the edge of the outer bucket will produce more than water failure; if the shrapnel's temperature is jacked up, it can not be reset, it will cause no dehydration failure.The temperature is 24VDC power supply, the relay switch is active output (24VDC), the lower water level sensor detects no water, the relay switch is closed, start the water pump pumping; The relay switch is disconnected until the upper water level sensor detects water, and the water pump stops pumping.Liquid level control switch can be equipped with liquid level temperature sensor probe FS-IR02, FS-IR12, FS-IR32A, FS-IR42 three kinds. The main difference between these three sensors is the type of installation.

The surface material of the liquid level sensor is made of PC and polysulfone, which is used for various liquid level measurements. The following liquids except for strong acid, strong alkaline, and other corrosive liquids can not be used; Such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, KOH, NaOH, and so on.The liquid level switch adopts advanced circuit design and program optimization, which can eliminate scale, water vapor, water droplets, and other external influences on the measurement accuracy and accuracy. Of course, we should pay more attention to maintenance and cleaning at ordinary times.About what role with temperature sensor and temperature sensor types: what are the specific content, small makeup today to be here to share, to this, the small makeup or to remind everybody is a function of temperature sensor has a lot of, but we do not know much about temperature and temperature sensor for friends, may feel that there is no work, But Xiaobian is to say that we understand that the temperature sensor is prepared, once the need for time, we will be clear at a glance.