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Hair curler bimetal sheet temperature switch

Hair curler bimetal plate temperature switch is a kind of bimetal disc after the temperature as a thermal sensitive reaction element, when the temperature increased heat transfer to the bimetal disc, reached a predetermined temperature value of rapid action, through the action of the mechanism, the contact is opened or closed. When the temperature drops to the reset temperature setting, the bimetal disc is recovered quickly, and the contact is closed or opened to open or close the circuit, thus controlling the circuit.


Use bimetallic materials with good electrical conductivity to ensure that they can withstand the requirements of normal circuit current.

Slow-motion design, contact slowly on and off

There is no obvious on and off error, and a constant temperature can be maintained.

The temperature is pre-set and used where no regulation is required.

The terminal can be directly connected to the wire, the shell is over-current, the sleeve can be added to insulate, and the plastic shell can be sealed according to the customer’s request.

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