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Thermostat switch for foot bath

Foot massage hot bath is an effective physical therapy and health care method in Chinese traditional medicine sweat therapy. Foot physiotherapy is also popular among the masses. With the development of Science and technology, in order to enable people to enjoy foot care at home, the foot bath is in the public eye. Because the foot bath is electrically heated so it is very important for safety, in order to ensure the use of foot bath safety many manufacturers will install temperature control switch for protection.

The working principle of the temperature controller of the foot bath is that the environment temperature is automatically sampled and monitored by the temperature controller switch. When the temperature exceeds the safe temperature, in order to prevent the foot bath from being destroyed, the temperature controller switch automatically cuts off the power and stops working. When the normal temperature is restored, the power is turned on again and the operation continues.

This customer is the manufacturer of Foot Bath, want to install a thermostat switch, product requirements: foot bath heating pipe to 40 °C power off, down to 35 °C re-power, always in a constant temperature state. We recommend VA series thermostats to customers according to their needs, the disconnection and recovery is kept at 5 °C, it is a slow-moving low-pressure temperature control, contact slowly connected and disconnecting can maintain a constant temperature, life up to 100,000 times, suitable for use in foot baths. Installation: The Thermostat is connected in series in the circuit, the temperature-sensing surface is close to the heating body and fixed. Due to the use of the foot bath in turn-on and turn-off frequency is high, the life of the requirements are also high, so in the test to keep the temperature switch action to ensure life. The final test results meet customer requirements.


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