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Thermal protector for motor

Wiper motor is the core power of the whole wiper system, so wiper motor will usually be added motor protector to prevent current overload or motor rotation caused by high temperature.

Motor Thermal Protector is suitable for wiper motor. The Heat Protector is mainly composed of shell, metal base plate, bimetal sheet and heating wire. The bimetal sheet and heating wire can be quickly broken off. And effectively improve the temperature and induction to protect the motor, trip time accurate, to prevent the motor temperature is too high, reduced life.

Through the purchase of the person in charge learned that their company used before a protector often do not jump, do not respond to the phenomenon, resulting in motor burn. Do not jump out in time, do not return phenomenon analysis is poor elasticity of raw materials, temperature control is not accurate, for this phenomenon we re-customized the appropriate products for them.

Thermal protector for motor

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