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PTC ptc heater 2000w Series
PTC Series FRT Live Series

PTC ptc heater 2000w Series

High heat
Stable power
Easy to use
long life
High reliability
No open flame and other characteristics.
Product Detail

Product Overview

The surface charged corrugated PTC heater is a type of high-power blowing PTC heater. Corrugated heat sinks are glued on both sides of the ordinary PTC element, and the corrugated holes can be used for hot air to pass through.


High heat generation, stable power, easy to use, long life, high reliability, no open flame and other characteristics.

Scope Of Application

Heater, air conditioner, disinfection cabinet, clothes dryer, drying oven, etc.

Safety Certification

ETL&CETL: 3191958 (UL1434 standard, UL60730 standard, UL499 standard)

Precautions for use

1. After the power is turned on, the heating power first increases and then decreases to become a stable state. The steady-state power depends on the application conditions. The faster the heat conduction, the greater the steady-state power and the higher the surface temperature.

2. The surface temperature of the PTC can be controlled by itself, and the control circuit and protection circuit can be omitted in most electrical appliances.

3. When the working voltage increases (or decreases) 2 times, the surface temperature increases (or decreases) by about 8°C.

4. Our PTC products are safe and reliable with long service life. However, if the assembly is improperly, it will cause the product to loosen and cause power or temperature instability.

5. When multiple PTC heaters are used together, they should be connected in parallel, not in series.

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