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BF temperature fuse Series
BF Series

BF temperature fuse Series

Product Detail

BF temperature fuse is small and strong heat protector that can detect if the temperature is abnormal and cut the circuit. It can be used to detect abnormal temperature rising of electrical appliances for home and industrial use and circuit can be cut rapidly so as to prevent fire disaster.

Fusible heat cutoff has two types. One is BFX model which use heat sensitive grain materials (organic chemical) as heat sensitive material and the other is RHD model which has low melting alloy. Rated operating temperature is 96℃~240℃ and they can be used for all kinds of products with rated current of 0.5A~15A.


• Electric blower

• Electric furnace

• Microwave oven

• Refrigerator

• Rice cooker

• Coffee machine

• Sandwich furnace

• Electromotor

Structure &operating theory

BF temperature fuse is to put heat sensitive grain material (organic chemicals) into metal cover for over-heat shut off. The main feature is that it can cut 10A or 15A high current (rated current).



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