3MP Motor Protector
3MP Motor Protector

3MP Motor Protector

Flexible installation
Provide maximum protection under locked-rotor state
Low-cost transformer protection solution
Product Detail

Product Overview

  • Flexible installation

  • Provide maximum protection under locked-rotor state

  • Low-cost transformer protection solution

Main Advantage

As an excellent manufacturer in the temperature control industry, Aino Technology has developed 3MP for 120V AC and 250V AC, which can work in a wider temperature and current range, and has a wider range of protection solutions than the existing protection solutions. The product has stable working characteristics and good reliability. The two ports of the insulating sleeve are sealed, which can meet the motor dipping process.

Scope Of Application

It is widely used in transformers, washing machines, dishwashers, clothes dryers, vacuum cleaners and various industrial motors with working voltages of 120 and 250V AC.

Design Principle

The metal shell of 3MP and the terminal are integrally formed, which can accommodate the pre-calibrated Ainol jump-type bimetal disc bottom plate. For the current value of the motor, the S-shaped or spiral-shaped resistance heating element with different resistance values is increased. Sensitivity. The advanced contact system, the bimetal disc and the bottom plate each have a contact, and work together with the disc to ensure a longer service life and higher reliability. The connection terminal configuration can be customized according to user needs. Ainuo Technology provides a series of standard wire configurations, which can be customized by users. The code of the model code and the color of the casing lead can be selected and customized according to user needs.

The working principle of 3MP is simple and effective. The current passing through the protector and the temperature of the surrounding components make the protector operate. When the disc reaches the preset temperature or the current reaches the set value, the circuit is disconnected. When the device temperature drops to a safe value, the contact automatically resets. The bimetal disc can provide good thermal sensitivity and current sensitivity under overload conditions. In the case of a locked rotor, the combination of the resistance heating wire and the bimetal disc can provide an extremely precise trip time and play a maximum protective effect. The 3MP feature allows the motor protector to be installed outside the winding, providing motor manufacturers with higher manufacturing flexibility. As a thermal circuit breaker, 3MP has outstanding current sensitivity and is an advanced low-cost transformer protection solution.

Safety Certification

UL&CUL: E258861 (UL2111 standard)

CQC: 16002141391 (GB14536.3-2008 standard; GB14536.1-2008 standard) motor thermal protector

TUV: 50380206 (EN60730-1 standard, EN60730-2-9 standard)

CB: CN36751 (IEC60730-2-2 standard)

Technical Characteristics

Operating temperature range: 40~180℃, any temperature within its range can be provided according to customer requirements;

Temperature tolerance: ±3℃, ±5℃, ±8℃, three tolerances for customers to choose, generally ±5℃, or customized according to customer requirements.

3mp electrical specifications

Rated voltage


Setting range of current trip value


Trip time

3-10S or customized according to customer requirements

Overall Structure Size


Characteristic Curve


These curves are only used to provide guidance when choosing a protector for a specific application. Other factors should be considered when choosing a protector, such as the distance from the heat source and the installation method. The trip time depends on the terminal configuration and installation conditions.

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